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Aside from Stateless Statements, which is my personal blog for specifically liberty-oriented articles, I also co-produce a bi-weekly dark comedy news show called Sick Sad World, in collaboration with the fabulously talented Derrick J Freeman of Peace Nows Now and Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree.


Sick Sad World is an exciting new endeavor for me because it is the first time I’ve ever truly worked in the medium of video.  Just in the short time since the show first launched, I’ve already learned a tremendous amount about graphics and video production/editing.  Most importantly, the show also provides me with an outlet to channel my frustrations about the unfortunate effects of statism on society in a way that is quite frequently more accessible and entertaining to individuals who might not otherwise take interest in reading the oftentimes-lengthy articles posted here on Stateless Statements.

I’ve always found my sense of humor to be of a darker nature than is commonly shared by most others, and so Sick Sad World is a way for me to express that side of myself with other members of the general public in the hopes that they will laugh and become more informed about important current events, all at the same time.

I hope you enjoy both Stateless Statements and Sick Sad World.  At the very least, I hope you learn something from these projects (even if you pay only a single visit to either one).  And especially in the case of Sick Sad World, I hope you laugh even a little bit.  The world could certainly always use some more laughter; that’s for damn sure.

Sick Sad World on the net:

::Official Website:



::Contact/Story Submissions:

::Twitter: @SickSadShow


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