This site is an outlet for me to discuss current events and everyday instances of oppression (and resistance) that occur because of the continued and irrational belief that government is somehow necessary or beneficial to society.

It seems as though I am consistently bombarded with new stories of oppression and resistance, each overwhelming in its own way, and each serving to illuminate the painful consequences of a society that refuses to embrace true true freedom.

The scenarios are endless, the examples are bold, and the implications are dire.  It’s time for people to begin to see the undeniable writing on the wall and wake up to the era of new ideology that is inevitably going to come about: a mentality of self-government that is uncompromising in its devotion to unbridled personal liberty, property rights, and interactions which are exclusively voluntary in nature.

It is time to try peace and self-ownership for a change.

This blog is just another one of my contributions to the growing shift in the direction of humanity.  I hope you enjoy it, whoever you are.

Peace, Love, and Liberty,

Nicholas P. Shankin


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