Apparently, Losing At Poker is More Important to John McCain Than the Potential War in Syria

Syria Secretary of State John Kerry

As if any more evidence might be necessary to wake people up to the fact that the men and women calling the shots in the United States government don’t care about the wishes of the American people or the costs of war, John McCain managed yesterday to do something that pretty much speaks for itself in terms of demonstrating that notion for us all.

During yesterday’s hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to debate U.S. military intervention in Syria, McCain was snagged in a journalist’s photo playing a game of poker on his iPhone while the discussion was conducted.   In case anyone reading this is somehow unaware, McCain has been a consistently outspoken and indiscriminate supporter of going to war whenever doing so is possible, and as such has been seizing the turmoil in Syria as his latest opportunity to cheer in ghoulish support of mass murder and destruction.  His behavior at the hearing managed to take the cake for being the most “in-your-face” offensive act of the day to be committed by a politician (and yes, I said, “of the day,” because this kind of debauchery has unfortunately become a daily occurrence).  I have to admit that even I was a little surprised by how blatantly inconsiderate and irresponsible McCain’s behavior was yesterday—I hadn’t expected him to be able to outdo simply just being  John McCain the Warmonger in the first place, in terms of offensiveness.

His tweet about the matter was especially infuriating in a manner that only John McCain could manage:


It’s interesting to me that it was emphasized in his tweet that not only did he care so little about the goings-on of the life-and-death discussion being carried out before him that he played a video game instead of paying attention, but that he ended up losing the game anyway.  I can’t help but be inclined to wonder if his poker skills and seemingly-short attention span might provide any indication of how the war in Syria could possibly turn out, should it in fact come to fruition.   Whether there’s any correlation there or not, however, McCain’s actions yesterday certainly demonstrated that a warhawk such as himself holds no regard for either the cold, hard facts surrounding the conflict in Syria, the wishes of the people he claims to serve and represent, or the loss of Syrian and American lives that will result if he gets his way and the U.S. does take military action against Syria.  But hey, at least he was honest with the public in his tweet about being the loser that he truly is.  I certainly can’t fault him for occasionally being honest with the public every once in a while.




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