Meet Angela Clemente: A Model for Free Market Criminal Investigation


This recent article from the New York Times details the fascinating story of Angela Clemente, an amazing independent single mother who has been investigating organized crime as something of a personal hobby. She has worked both to bring real (“real” meaning: having an actual victim) criminals to justice in order to avenge their victims, and also to free those who have been wrongfully convicted from the unyielding bars of federal prisons.

From the article: “(Clemente’s) ability to get valuable information from sources unavailable to many of us in government is truly an asset to those seeking the truth,” a quote issued by Representative Dana Rohrabacher, former chairman of the House oversight committee. It’s interesting that private investigators seem to do a better job at both bringing the real criminals to justice, as well as granting amnesty to those who have been wrongfully charged. Angela’s story is a great example that can be used in support of the argument that allowing competition for criminal justice operations would provide swifter, fairer retribution for both criminals and their victims far more adequately than the present, government-monopolized model of doing so. Kudos to Angela–we need more people out there like her (especially those who work even less closely with the state than she does).  However, in this day and age, I’m willing to overlook her inclinations to cooperate with the state and instead support her efforts to take matters of real, life and death justice into her own hands rather than simply entrusting such god-like powers to power-bloated bureaucrats who operate within the present criminal monopoly on justice.

For more information on this fascinating New Jersey woman, please read the article, linked above for your convenience.