First Post: Introduction

Hello, everyone!  This is my first of many posts to this site, which started initially as sort of an off-shoot from a former blog that I was keeping for some time chronicling my struggles in “legal-land” throughout the duration of 2012.  I wanted an outlet to discuss current events and everyday instances of oppression (and resistance) that result from the majority of individuals’ faithful adherence to the doctrines of statism and the existence of a centralized government.

It seems as though every day I am consistently bombarded with new scenarios, each overwhelming in their own way, and each serving to further illuminate the gravity of the consequences that come about as a result of a population that has chosen to perpetuate the illusion that mankind is in need of political rulers instead of embracing self-government.

The scenarios are endless, the examples are bold, and the implications are dire.  It’s time for people to begin to see the undeniable writing on the wall and wake up to the rapidly-dawning era of new ideology that is inevitably to come about: a mentality of self-government that is uncompromising in its devotion to unbridled personal liberty.

This blog is just another one of my contributions to the growing shift in the direction of humanity.  I hope you enjoy it, whoever you are.



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